Victorian-based multimedia hardware and software distributor Vision Beyond 2020 has had success of late on the back of technological convergence. Products like FlyVideo '98, a sixth-generation TV tuner card for PCs, and Webcable, which converts PC images to TV screens, have been huge successes at computer and electronics superstores.

1. FlyVideo '98 (TV tuner card)

2. Webcable (TV converter)

3. Capview (video capture and editing)

4. Robocam (USB camera)

5. PC Snoop (security software)

The increasing popularity of PC-facilitated video capture and editing has also been good for VB 2020. It markets a range of products which suit the needs of both hobby enthusiasts and professional users.

Source: Vision Beyond 2020

Type of sales: to retail outlets

Period of sales: January 99-June 99

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