Microsoft resellers miss out on accreditation

Microsoft resellers miss out on accreditation

A number of key Microsoft resellers are spitting chips after they missed out on Direct Large Account Reseller (DLAR) accreditation under Microsoft's Select 4 enterprise solutions program.

As first reported in ARN, September 30, 1998, page 1, Microsoft has been looking to reduce the number of partners with DLAR accreditation.

Following a review of all 27 partners which had successfully applied for its Select 4 status, Microsoft culled some notable resellers from the list, including Balanced IT Services and Anabelle Bits subsidiary ASI Solutions, to bring the model into line with the global business plan of the program.

Maree Lowe, director at ASI Solutions said: "It's a kick in the teeth to be so supportive of the company and yet be cut off the DLAR list. This doesn't appear to be in the spirit of promoting healthy competition among both Australian and overseas owned system integrators."

According to Lowe, ASI is currently involved in a major outsourcing tender in which they have invested a lot of effort to push the Microsoft NT solution.

Meanwhile, Steve Grundy, sales director at Balanced IT Services, expressed disappointment at being left off the list.

"While most of our customers don't seem to fit the Select program, many are subsidiaries of large organisations. This stops us from being a one-stop shop and forces us to find a partner that does not have conflicting interests."

In the US there are only 18 DLARs and 30 in the UK. Australia's list was top heavy and needed to be streamlined, said Geoff Wright, director of Microsoft's organisation customer group.

Wright said last week that all 27 DLARs that had been accredited up until June 30 were invited to submit their roadmaps for the Select 4 program and they were then assessed on their merits. All of the existing Select 4 contracts were renewed from July 1 to December 3, he added. The 24 successful DLARs from the review will be contracted for the 18 months to June 30, 2000.

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