IT product confusion sprouts services niche

IT product confusion sprouts services niche

Rapid advances in technology are leaving gaps in the IT expertise of corporations and one local service organisation is taking advantage.

Corporate Business Systems (CBS) is offering two service initiatives designed to prevent and rectify the poor IT purchasing decisions businesses often make through a lack of information or confusion about the products they are buying.

The first offering - dubbed "technology acquisition consultancy" - provides additional expertise for companies and individuals contemplating or actively in the process of acquiring new IT-based products or services.

It has been born out of CBS' "dispute resolution service", a conflict management offering designed to help companies address issues that arise from inappropriate or unpleasant IT purchasing decisions.

The secret of CBS' success is independence, according to Mark Jenkins, the company's managing director.

CBS was formerly a value-added reseller and provider of maintenance services, but the company is now forsaking that heritage completely to prove it operates autonomously of vendors.

But Jenkins told ARN CBS' history as a VAR has given it the technological knowledge required to offer proper advice to companies.

Just as importantly though, being a VAR developed CBS' expertise in resolving disputes because it often had to act as an intermediary between vendors and disgruntled customers, Jenkins claims.

CBS is betting its future on the fact that the proliferation of technologies will continue to sprout confusion among IT staff and lead to poor purchasing decisions.

"In organisations where there is an IT department, there is an implied assumption by management that the staff will know everything about computers and that's compounded by a reluctance among individuals to acknowledge the level of expertise they actually have," Jenkins said.

"But in our observation, as the IT market has developed a commodity aspect to it, companies don't develop the depth of expertise that is typically required for the range of products that are available."

Jenkins said CBS is keen to form partnerships with organisations who have a similar mix of business and IT acumen to provide the service offerings Australia-wide.

In the meantime, the company will seek to leverage accounting firms, business consultancies and law firms to gain additional exposure in corporations.

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