NuMega tools keep ASX running

NuMega tools keep ASX running

Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) developers recently exceeded industry best practice in error detection and removal when they used Compuware's NuMega tools to ensure a smooth rollout of their new Stock Exchange Trading System (SEATS).

Employing NuMega tools for the Windows environment, 30 ASX developers achieved an error detection and removal rate of close to 100 per cent, thus meeting one of the key project criteria - to minimise downtime at all stages of the SEATS implementation.

"The stock market stops for no one, so we simply couldn't afford to risk rolling out unreliable software," Paul Chapman, national manager of trading systems at the ASX, said. Explaining that NuMega's BoundsChecker and SoftICE tools were crucial to ensuring the project delivery timeframe and performance goals, Chapman praised BoundsChecker properties that enabled ASX "to repair defects early in the development cycle, when they were less costly to fix.

"With BoundsChecker, it's much easier for developers to locate errors in static, stack and heap memory and to detect and diagnose memory and resource leaks," he said.

ASX also used NuMega's SoftICE to build and debug the network "device driver", allowing the old and the new SX systems to work in parallel.

Despite the fact that SEATS rates as one of the best systems in the world, it had a number of design restrictions that needed to be redeveloped in order to prepare the system for up to 100,000 trades a day expected in future.

It took more than 30 developers, software testers and managers to complete the $20 million development project involving more than a million lines of C++ code.

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