Digital Island enters e-commerce stream

Digital Island enters e-commerce stream

Digital Island plans to make its debut in the Australian e-commerce market with its Star Overnet application by establishing strong reseller ties and dealing with a key best-of-breed ISP.

The amalgamation of a high-end distribution server and Cisco's IOS Distributor Director, Digital Island's global network provides companies with an efficiency that Allison Ash, Digital Island's Asia-Pacific director, claims the public Internet can't offer.

"The Internet wasn't designed for commerce; it was made in case Russia bombed America and communications systems went down," she said. "Digital Island's system is made especially for e-commerce."

The network operates in real time and is able to deploy Internet applications and content, including excessively complicated data, as bandwidth options are available.

Digital's Overnet operates from four data centres located in Honolulu, California, New York and London. The network is then connected by its own ATM backbone that has spokes which terminate in a local ISP. This structure presents the appearance of a single network to users who are unaware that they are operating on the Star Overnet.

Cisco, which has one of the most successful e-commerce sites on the public Internet, is so impressed with the Digital Island offering it is migrating to Star Overnet to improve the presentation and performance of its site.

"Cisco sells three billion dollars worth of products over the Net every year and if they were sold in a store, the customer would expect it to be a very nice store," Ash told ARN. "Digital Island make it a very consistent and reliable Web for Cisco's customers."

More viability

Ash claims that the Star network is more viable for commercial applications because it has only minimal contact with local ISPs and thus exposure to an often over-congested public Internet.

"There is no lapse for customers to obtain information off a Web site," she said.

Under this system, all commercial applications are done on the host server with Star applications centralising the management of the Net. Access is obtained through local ISPs so no reciprocal technology is required by those wanting to utilise Digital's system, or access Web sites such as Cisco's.

Ash believes that the Australian market offers an excellent opportu-nity for Digital Island to promote its e-commerce solution.

"Australia is a great market because it is Internet-aware, yet very isolated," she said. "By hosting information on the Digital Island application, network companies can reach markets easily or send information like complex chip designs securely and more reliably."

Digital Island is planning to instigate a tiered channel strategy that, according to Ash, places those in the reseller category at the top.

"We need partners who can provide service connections, have the ability to implement solutions and are able to support customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

Second in the hierarchy are what Ash dubs "sales agents".

They comprise a range of boutique companies responsible for supplying a small selection of loyal clients benefiting from Digital Island's e-commerce solutions.

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