Lotus refines eSuite productivity package

Lotus refines eSuite productivity package

Lotus' set of lightweight Java-based productivity applications, eSuite, appeared on its way to becoming a trivia question as a result of the less-than-overwhelming success of the network computer.

Now Lotus officials are banking on the addition of a Windows version of the suite, as well as promising projections for NC adoption in 1999, to propel eSuite to pervasiveness.

Lotus is preparing a series of upgrades of both the eSuite WorkSpace end-user edition and the eSuite DevPack programmer tools.

The company is working to integrate the eSuite WorkSpace with standard Web browsers or Lotus Notes client software, according to Brian Anderson, Lotus product manager.

In addition, Lotus will further break the suite into components, such as a table component for more flexible deployment, to increase the use of common eSuite application features. The software's server-based administration and deployment will also be expanded.

Integration with desktop suites, such as Microsoft Office and Lotus SmartSuite, will also be improved in 1999.

The eSuite DevPack will receive performance improvements for generating faster-loading and more fine-grained applets, broader support for Java development tools, and enterprise features such as Java servlet support.

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