Novell tool clones NetWare 5.0 servers

Novell tool clones NetWare 5.0 servers

Novell has quietly posted on its Web site ( a new utility for accelerating the pace of enterprise-wide deployments of NetWare 5.0 servers.

The Accelerated Upgrade Utility is a free text-based tool that basically takes a snap-shot of any fully configured NetWare 5.0 server. The tool then pushes that default server image - which comprises server configuration data and all upgraded code - out over the network to any number of target servers.

Novell originally developed the tool for internal use. Chief information officer Sheri Anderson says her IT staff earlier this year asked Novell engineers to build such a utility.

IT needed to roll out multiple builds of the NetWare 5.0 beta code to each of the company's 500 servers worldwide.

"If you have a large shop, this will significantly cut down on the time and money you'll spend upgrading to NetWare 5.0," Anderson says. "This tool lets you concentrate your efforts on configuring one server really well instead of spending the minimal time getting a hundred up and running."

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