Visual SlickEdit 4.0 a boon for programmers

Visual SlickEdit 4.0 a boon for programmers


When it comes to software development, the adage "time is money" really hits the mark. Any tool or method that can speed processes is well worth looking into. After checking out the Visual SlickEdit 4.0 (VSE), I think my development time will soon earn me a bonus.

Like quite a few developers, I have a Web page that was created before the advent of visual HTML editors. So when I need to modify my page, I edit a copy kept on my local drive. Then using an FTP client, I transfer the HTML file to the Web site.

Well, those days are gone with VSE's new FTP support. Now I just connect VSE to the FTP site of my choice, double-click on the file I want to edit and presto: the file is open and ready for editing. Saving the file is even less complicated.

Automatically saved back

Just click the save button and the file is automatically saved back to the FTP site. I can even connect to multiple FTP sites at the same time. For those who frequent the telecommuting route, VSE should be a real winner.

It also includes a new feature set called Context Tagging, which is a set of four features that perform - as you type - expression type, scope, and inheritance analysis on your source code.

I found the Auto List Members and Auto Function Help extremely useful. The Auto List Members feature lists the members of a class or structure when you type a member operator, such as a full stop, for C++, Java, or JavaScript.

I'm confident most programmers will find something to like and something to aid their work in Visual SlickEdit 4.0.


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