Homepage Distributor wanted. Apply now

Homepage Distributor wanted. Apply now

This column is an experiment. I'll report the results to you early next year. It all started when I ran into Alex Lin at PC IT 99 in Melbourne a few weeks ago. Alex is with Joytech, a Taiwanese manufacturer of PC graphics and sound cards. Alex's problem is that he wants a couple of Australian distributors, but coming from out of town, he didn't know where to start looking.

So my experiment is this: I'll tell you a bit about Joytech and its products, and if you think this is the sort of range you want to distribute, you'll get in touch with Alex and take it from there. Then when Joytech has appointed its Australian distributors, I'll give you a rundown on what happened. I won't be naming anyone who doesn't want to be named, but if you do make contact, I'd like your feedback on the experience.

Joytech manufactures in mainland China. It has ISO 9002 accreditation and is also able to manufacture motherboards and telecommunications products. The company makes both OEM and after-market cards, releasing new products every couple of months.

Alex showed me a few of his products. I found the packaging and presentation to be good second-tier quality. The board quality was excellent and the products all seem to work exactly as claimed. They included:

* PCI 3D sound.

* Apollo 7400. This card has a claimed 3D Winbench 98 of 690. There is also an optional DVD module kit.

* Apollo 3D fast II. A claimed 3D Winbench 98 of 743. EDO memory of 8-12 MB.

* Apollo 3D Rush. A budget version of the previous board with 4-6 MB of EDO.

* 3D Banshee. A 3Dfx card with Voodoo compatibility. Winbench claimed to be 1450.

For more details, look at www.joytech.comYou can contact Alex Lin at alex_lin@master or Tel +886 2 2218 0570 or Fax +886 2 2218 7268.

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