NetComm's no longer Sirius

NetComm's no longer Sirius

Data communications vendor Sirius Technologies has officially changed its moniker to NetComm Limited.

Effective from December 1, the company known mostly for its range of modems (see product feature on page 66) has adopted - or some would say reverted to - the name of one of its best-known brands.

And for managing director David Stewart, the decision to change the company's name, which was ratified by shareholders at the last AGM, was accompanied by some irony. Stewart himself came from the Banksia side of the great divide when it merged with NetComm in 1997.

"It's no secret that the companies had previously been in intense competition before the merger," Stewart said. "Two years after the NetComm/Banksia merger, with our staff fully integrated and customer loyalties reconciled, we feel the name Sirius has served its purpose as an 'umbrella' for the organisation during its transition and can be put into honourable retirement."

According to Stewart, there had even been some confusion about the Sirius name - that it was a distributor rather than a vendor of several brands of modems and communication equipment.

He said that while some of its brands have been put back in the cupboard for the time being, Banksia and NetComm will remain as the company's key flag-bearers. "The name NetComm is also more appropriate to describe and represent the nature of the business we are in."

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