A Monster Xmash

A Monster Xmash

Two new multimedia acceleration products from Diamond Multimedia bearing the well-recognised Monster name have been introduced to resellers just in time for the Christmas rush.

Both are sure to have appeal amongst PC hobbyists and intensive users of 3D graphics or those requiring high-quality sound.

Monster Fusion is a graphics accelerator that enhances both 2D and 3D graphics - the first Monster-branded card to offer such integration. With an estimated retail price of $399, the card features 16MB of synchronous RAM and supports most popular gaming APIs including Glide, Open GL and Direct 3D under DirectX 6.0.

It is powered by 3Dfx Interactive's Voodoo Banshee processor and is available in PCI (SDRAM) and AGP (SGRAM) versions.

Also new from Diamond is the Monster Sound MX300 - a high-end addition to its audio accelerator range. The product claims to be the first sound card to incorporate Aureal Semiconductor's Vortex 2/A3D 2.0 positional 3D audio processor which complements audio environments that are being built into the latest PC edutainment titles.

Also provided with the $249 (RRP) card is full Dolby Digital (AC3) support for a theatre-style speaker set-up. It also features audio playback through headphones, two or four speakers.

Diamond Multimedia

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