Creative brings better sound quality to the masses

Creative brings better sound quality to the masses

Hot on the heels of the success of its Sound Blaster Live! card, Creative Technologies has released a budget version that is retailing for $299, less than half that of the full product launched in August this year.

Released under the name Sound Blaster Live! Value, the lower-specification version of Creative's immersive sound technology has had the professional-level digital I/O card and related high-end software removed.

Creative's environmental audio is a definite step forward in PC sound quality but has so far only been relevant to game enthusiasts and professional musicians because of the steep entry price.

By introducing a value version of the product, Creative is aiming at mainstream computer users who can see the benefit of improved PC sound but who could not meet the $700 premium it used to take to get started.

According to Creative, the message for retailers is to keep demonstrating the environmental audio experience if you want to generate sales. Creative Technologies' multimedia PC products are distributed in Australia by Creative Pacific.

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