Ardent simplifies meta data maze

Ardent simplifies meta data maze

Disconnected meta data environments may no longer be a problem if Ardent's MetaBroker and DataStage live up to expectations.

After initiating MetaConnect Cooperative, a meta data integration program that includes leaders in the industry such as Compaq and Seagate, Ardent has set out to develop direct interfaces with software tools allowing meta data to be shared across the enterprise.

And if the response to Ardent's call for allies in the consortium is anything to go by, universal application of the direct interfaces - called MetaBrokers - can be expected within a year of its release, according to Gari Johnson, Ardent's regional marketing manager.

"MetaConnect Cooperative is an Ardent initiative that is attempting to resolve the issue of how to handle meta data," Johnson said.

Explaining that "previous attempts have focused around the development of common standards but have never worked", Johnson revealed the initiative now has nine companies on board, with another 35 expected to join.

"The advantage off MetaConnect Cooperative is that we are not developing MetaBrokers for a specific market or application tool."

The Ardent MetaConnect Cooperative program is based on the tech-nology that enables the decomposition and recomposition of the smallest components of meta data.

Made available to Ardent through the acquisition of developer DoveTail, the technology allows each tool to communicate the elaborate semantics of its own meta data by breaking down and recombining data at the least complex level.

Ardent's software tool DataStage then acts as a link between warehouse tools and intelligence tools, doing away with the previous necessity of a data repository in order to exchange information.

The relationship Ardent has formed with its 200 resellers and channel partners in the Asia-Pacific region includes an ongoing training program for its continually expanding data warehouse products.

John MacGregor, Seagate Software's Australia and New Zealand manager, sees the partnership as valuable to both customers and Ardent partners. "We are responding to customers' demands."

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