Compaq chases retail notebook markets

Compaq chases retail notebook markets

Compaq has responded to increasing consumer, SOHO and education demand for notebooks with a new entry-level Armada offering and reduced prices on some other popular Armada models. Definitely the best bang-for-bucks notebook offered by Compaq, this new model will provide a value alternative to Acer's Extensa 500 series that has been a big success at retail outlets.

The Armada 1575D is priced at $3095 (RRP) and includes a 266MHz Pentium processor with MMX, 32MB of RAM and 12.1in colour display.

Most observers agree that as notebooks become more affordable without having to compromise the type of performance expected by today's computer users, demand for them at retail outlets is only going to get stronger.

Due to the wide variety of differing needs displayed by today's computer users, the product comes with an "optional convenience base" that gives customers the option of using an integrated Ethernet connection and monitor stand.

"This is the entry-level model in the Armada range and is ideal for business as well as education," said Chee-Mei Gan, portables product manager, Compaq Australia.

The price slashing on other models in the Armada range varies with approximately 10 per cent on the 266MHz/Pentium 1592DT (now $3695 RRP) and the 233MHz/Pentium II 1700 ($4495) being the best of the reductions.

All of Compaq's service extensions, including warranty extensions, express off-site hardware repairs, on-site repairs and telephone software support, are also available for sale with the new and reduced models and offer value-add opportunities to retailers.

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