Hitachi bets on DVD and LCD

Hitachi bets on DVD and LCD

The days of CD-ROM are numbered, as DVD technology takes hold, and over the next two years the monitor market will see the much-anticipated growth in demand for 17 and 19 inch CRTs as well as a significant take-up of flat-panel displays.

These are some of the predictions being made by electronics giant Hitachi, and the company's Australian subsidiary is looking to attract its fair share of the world allocation of these products.

According to Dipak Kumar, information tech-nology and multimedia manager: "The main emphasis this year is on PCs that are fast, have sharp clear displays, and don't take up much space or consume much energy."

While Hitachi is promoting a new range of CRT monitors (see product feature starting on page 46) with its short length tube technology and hence shorter necks, Kumar said there is a growing shift towards LCD among professional users. Hitachi's own Super TFT LCD is currently available in a 14.1 inch display, and is scheduled to be released in 15 and 18.1 inch models this year.

"Most of the LCD sales to date have been as upgrades from standard CRT monitors through resellers whose customers have had a requirement for space saving or occupational health and safety issues," Kumar added.

In reference to DVD technology, Kumar restated his assertion that Hitachi will maintain a dominant position in DVD ROM and DVD RAM, the latter of which he claimed Hitachi is currently supplying to the channel with a capacity of 5.2GB, rewritable up to 100,000 times.

Hitachi's DVD products are distributed by Digiland and Multimedia Technology. In Australia, its display products are supplied direct to resellers.

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HDS banks LCD sales

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has picked up three recent sales of LCD monitors in the finance sector. HDS, a subsidiary of Hitachi, is described by its Australia and New Zealand CEO Tim Ward as "the solutions organisation".

According to Ward, the sales, which were for "hundreds of units", illustrate that the demand for the LCD technology is genuine. "They could lead to thousands of the Super TFT monitors going into these organisations," he told ARN.

Vendors have often claimed the demand for thin screens will be generated by space savings and health and safety issues, and the sales of HDS have lived up to the hype. "It's part of the broader range of products with which HDS has become involved, and represents another area where we would like to work with channel partners." he said.

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