Breakthrough firewall captures VAR interest

Breakthrough firewall captures VAR interest

Value added reseller Mulder Communications has branched away from the traditional firewall market with the discovery of Conclave, a new product from security integrators Internet Dynamics.

Coined accessware, this fledgling concept of security is based on the assumption that the traditional methods of blocking access to information is ineffectual in an industry increasingly reliant on networks, multiple users and points of access.

Mulder Communication's general manager Les Mulder believes Conclave allows an organisation to build a management model that applies to a whole system, not just an individual user. Consequently, access to information can be controlled at varying levels, which is conducive to the flexibility that organisations require.

"This is a great product for a reseller because the margins are good. It engenders itself to a fairly large amount of consulting because it can create the opportunity to try new concepts in systems management. It also cuts costs and, in an industry always looking to keep costs down, that is a good selling point."

Mulder Communications is one of the first resellers to include Conclave on its product list and the transitory market is therefore relatively untapped. According to Mulder, competition can only be advantageous to the profile of Conclave and the market in general.

Versatile combination

The system's versatility stems from the combination of technology used in its design.

Conclave integrates a firewall, VPN, encryption, role-based policy management, authentication and antivirus technologies. Observers claim Conclave is more advanced than many firewalls because it has a 128-bit encryption code whereas other systems have to rely on 40-bit encryption. It is also X509 certified which is the highest level of security attainable.

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