Qld Government departments embrace HR Software

Qld Government departments embrace HR Software


It is not often that a 20-people team of software specialists can name one of the largest independent software vendors in the world as its "reseller". So, when Brisbane-based HR Software labelled Compuware its reseller, it was obvious that this small team of software developers had a story to tell. What was not so obvious, though, was the fact that the story would turn out to be a multimillion dollar one.

It all started in 1991 when a group of software enthusiasts with a human resources (HR) background perceived a market opportunity for human resources/payroll software and decided to form a company that would develop it.

Under the banner HR Software, the company developed the first version of its flagship HR/payroll product Aurion.

"The original version of the software was developed on a WAN platform," Graham Young, HR Software's managing director, explained. "But around 1993/94 the decision was taken to build a totally open client/server product that would be independent of underlying technology used by organisations. The resulting product was Aurion."

Built in Compuware's rapid application development environment UNIFACE, Aurion has been described as a widely-applicable HR management system that requires only "modest customisation" and integrates well with a range of legacy systems.

According to Young, the application features "a payroll engine which, considering the fact that Australia has one of the most complex environments in the world in terms of awards and payroll procedures, is very comprehensive, robust and suitable for a wide range of public and private organisations".

Young claims Aurion is a full blown human resources management system which allows HR administrators to record, monitor and manage skills and training, salary, superannuation, workers compensation, annual leave and other employee information.

Aurion has become HR Software's golden goose, establishing the company as one of Compuware's most successful value added resellers (VARs).

More interestingly, due to Compuware's role in securing several government human resources contracts, HR Software is now able to also label Compuware its reseller.

Recently, Aurion was selected by eight Queensland Government departments as "the most cost-effective and functional HR system" amongst those considered as a replacement for their legacy HR systems.

The multimillion dollar investment will see Aurion HR/payroll system integrated with the Queensland Government's SAP financial system and Young acknowledges Compuware's role in winning those deals. Four more Government agencies are expected to sign contracts with HR Software in the near future.

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