BSA Allies With ATCI, ATSI

BSA Allies With ATCI, ATSI

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has forged an alliance with the Association of Thai Computer Industry (ATCI) and the Association of Thai Software Industry (ATSI) that could boost antipiracy efforts in Thailand.

While the agreement between the parties did not cover anything specific as yet, the alliance would initially be focused on educating the Thai public about software piracy, according to Robert Holleyman, president of the BSA. Holleyman was here to participate in the Intellectual Property Court's first anniversary celebration.

In Thailand, rampant software piracy is threatening to undermine the whole software industry, said the BSA. Local developers are not equipped, nor do they have the resources to deal with the threat represented to their livelihood. Furthermore, new potential software publishers may be discouraged from investing in a business that may not have a chance to realise positive returns, according to statements from the BSA.

"The software industry, a dynamically progressive sector of the IT industry world-wide, plays a very important role for developers, end-users and the community in general. Already, technology is changing the very values of economics and, as world markets move towards information-based economies and e-commerce, software and computer applications will play a far greater role in societies. As such, protection against copyright and intellectual property violations becomes a necessity," said Holleyman.

The Association of Thai Software Industry (ATSI) and the Association of Thai Computer Industry (ATCI) are acutely aware of the need for strong copyright protection in Thailand and the importance of promoting positive growth in the local software industry.

Arporna Sribhibhadh, vice president of ATSI, suggested that "the best way to support the fight against software piracy is to raise the public's awareness and respect for intellectual property, and educate end-users on the need to buy original programs. The future growth and competitiveness of all business sectors are increasingly dependent on the continued health of the software industry for innovative productivity tools."

Manoo Ordeedolchest, chairman of ATCI, hopes that the alliance with BSA would assist local developers in finding ways to technically protect their products from being pirated

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