Now it's video cameras bundled with PCs

Now it's video cameras bundled with PCs

PC input device vendor Logitech has announced a coup with Compaq that is intended to catch the rising home videoconferencing market tide.

The Logitech QuickCam Home digital video camera is to be bundled with every Compaq Presario 5276 desktop PC, and according to Logitech, reflects a trend that will see the video camera as common as the mouse within the next few years.

According to Marco Manera, general manager of Logitech Australia, the QuickCam Home was specifically designed to take advantage of the power of Windows 98 and the USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface as well as the power and integration of the Compaq Presario 5276. "The PC video camera has really come of age as a standard interface device," Manera said.

Also included are four virtual reality games such as "Virtual basketball" that will allow users to interact with their Presario using the camera.

And it's more than the game market that the QuickCam will attract. "It offers a new dimension to visual communication through the Internet," said Manera.

"The simplicity of USB plug-and-play means that anyone can hook up with friends and family through video- conferencing and video e-mail."

Manera said that, much like the mouse, video cameras will soon become a standard part of a new PC.

Richard Parry, Compaq Australia's consumer division product manager, said that this Compaq/Logitech combination will offer everybody the thrill of videoconferencing with family and friends over the Internet.

"The Compaq Presario 5276 includes a Pentium III processor, four USB ports, multimedia capabilities and Web-aware user interface. It carries an RRP of $3799 with a 15 inch monitor and $3999 with a 17 inch, and is sold through major retailers including Harvey Norman and Retravision."

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