Notes from the field: Bobby nixes New Year's resolutions

Notes from the field: Bobby nixes New Year's resolutions

I have no idea why I make New Year's resolutions. I'm still overweight, bitter, single, and drunk this year - but now I get to add the burden of failure because I also promised myself to work on those qualities over the past year, and failed miserably.

I did read a lot this year, learning about new and interesting things despite the fact that people think they are smarter than me simply because they have a doctorate degree and I'm just learning for the pure joy of it.

Typically, the goal of the first column of a calendar year is to forecast rather than report, and in that spirit, here are my wild musings for what could potentially be the biggest rumours of 1999.

Netscape, Microsoft browsers sync up. Web developers everywhere looked on in amazement as both Microsoft and Netscape 5.0 browsers actually supported the same Web standards. Both Netscape and Microsoft insist it was always their plan to wholly implement the standards.

Platform independence

Microsoft preps Office for Linux. In an attempt to show its platform independence prior to the ruling in its antitrust case, a team at Microsoft is rushing out a preview version of Office 2000 for Linux. The preview version is the software giant's first attempt at releasing open-source software.

Apple gets backlogged with corporate orders. A source within Apple reports the company is working around the clock to fulfill sales requests for Apple's new iMac. Steve Jobs was recently quoted as having "no clue" why the system suddenly took off within the corporate world, nearly a year after its launch. Jobs said many IT departments decided to go with the iMac running Mac OS X rather than wait until Windows 2000 ships in early 2001.

Those are the major events I'm seeing ahead of us for 1999. Of course, in 1998, I thought I would be writing this column as a thinner, more sober, and happier person who's in a satisfying relationship. There's always next year.

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