Compaq debuts fast, cheap 'Net notebooks

Compaq debuts fast, cheap 'Net notebooks

Compaq yesterday unveiled three new Internet notebooks alongside a cavalcade of new desktop Presarios, all geared to help customers get the most out the Internet.

Compaq's new Web-aware Presario notebooks include one-touch Internet buttons to Web content and e-mail; a new "Easy Scroll" button located near the touchpad, for navigating Web pages; and integrated 56K V.90 modems. Compaq's new high-end ultra-slim Presario notebook comes with a removable DVD and floppy drive, shedding bulk and pounds off the core system.

However, the new additions have failed to excite analysts who claim Compaq is not offering anything different to competitors including Toshiba and Dell.

"Compaq isn't offering anything other notebook makers aren't," says Katrina Dahlquist, an IDC senior research analyst. However, despite a lack of innovation with its new Internet notebooks, Dahlquist predicts Compaq will continue to show strong sales growth with its notebook.

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