Notes from the field: Bobby and Rose give two thumbs down

Notes from the field: Bobby and Rose give two thumbs down

Rose and I went to see You've Got Mail last week. What a lame waste of money that was. If you ask me, there hasn't been a decent movie since Pulp Fiction (but then I always did have a thing for Uma Thurman - I even liked her in The Avengers).

With the Golden Globes and the Oscars coming up, I wish the guys who decide which movies should win would take a leaf out of BugNet's book. The company - which discovers and provides fixes for PC bugs - has decided to abandon its annual award this year. The award goes to the vendor that has the best bug-fix performance in the industry, but in the words of BugNet, "the PC software industry's performance has been abysmal". Hence, no award. A page on BugNet's Web site ( analysis/no_award.html) catalogues horror stories of users who have discovered problems and have been ignored by the vendor concerned.

I was sent one example last week: a reader, who had bought an 8MB AGP video adapter with his Pentium II was trying to use Symantec's new WinFax V9.0, but found that every time he used the Scan and Send feature, his machine crashed. And the solution proposed by Symantec's technical support? Set the video driver back to standard VGA, or scan the document using another application. Thanks guys - that's really helpful.

Following a recent tip that Ericsson is prowling for start-ups to buy, I hear that fellow European Nokia, too, is on the hunt. Only trouble is, both companies are targeting remote-access vendors so we may see a bit of competition there.

You know, I'm beginning to think that maybe BugNet should rethink its whole approach to awards. Sure, people want to know which companies have the best record of fixing bugs - but they also want to know about the companies with the worst records.

Better still, let's apply that to the Oscars, and have awards for Worst Movie, Worst Actor, etc. Now that would make the ceremony worth watching.

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