Notes from the field: Bobby buys some time

Notes from the field: Bobby buys some time

I bought rose socks for Christmas. I bring this up because she continues to bring it up, to every single person we encounter. I knew she wanted something more romantic, and that she'd be upset, but I wasn't ready for much more of a commitment. But, if she's looking for security, she's known for quite some time that she's in the wrong relationship.

Speaking of security, I overheard a Network Associates executive complaining to a colleague recently at a party during the RSA Data Security show. It seems Intel was giving Network Associates a hard time about implementing the Common Data Security Architecture. According to the exec, the company isn't averse to doing it, but is still figuring out the best way to approach it.

The RSA show used to be a hotbed of maths geeks talking about high-level theories and security architectures, but has since become overrun with marketing people trying to sell you on their company's security solutions. But, according to a new Kensington study that is about to be released, computer security of a different sort is becoming a major problem for Fortune 1000 companies.

Carried out

The study found that despite the widespread adoption of security measures, such as pro- viding access badges and gates, hardly any security has been attached to the computers themselves, which tend to be easily carried out of the building - right past the guards.

Last week, I reported that Symantec, which is also known for its antivirus software, had been mishandling a problem with its WinFax software. That prompted another user to tell me about Act, the company's contact management software. The user reported that the program had a tendency to crash. The response from the Symantec support folks? Turn off all video hardware acceleration.

Of course, maybe this is all a ruse to get more people to buy the company's CrashGuard product.

With Valentine's day coming up, I'm not out of the woods with Rose yet. I guess I should figure out what I need to give her to maintain this relationship. I wonder how much time a toaster would buy me?

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