MS brings tool into compliance with order

MS brings tool into compliance with order

Microsoft has quietly brought its Java development tool into compliance with a court order by releasing Service Pack 2 for Visual Studio 6.0, the company's suite of developer tools.

The service pack, available for free download from the company's Web site (http://msdn., includes files for Visual J++ 6.0 that Microsoft said brings the Java tool in line with the preliminary injunction issued in November 1998 by US District Court Judge Ronald H Whyte.

Sun Microsystems is suing Microsoft for allegedly breaching its Java licensing contract by using an incompatible version of Java in Visual J++, Internet Explorer, and other products; as well as for illegally using its market strength to induce software developers to adopt its supposedly incompatible version of Java.

Service Pack 2 also includes the updates and fixes that were released in Service Pack 1 in 1998 and a new fix that addresses a Visual C++ bug that causes some third-party software to behave erratically or crash after Visual Studio 6.0 is installed. The pack is available in two formats, a full installation and a "core" download that offers only the new run-time redistributable files.

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