Compuware releases new Y2K tools

Compuware releases new Y2K tools

Compuware officials have announced Windows developers and testers can now use NuMega TrueCoverage and EXPEDITER/Code Coverage analysis tools in their fight with the Y2K boogie man.

Released two weeks ago, Compuware's new reconnaissance tools automatically locate untested codes in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java and mainframe applications, enabling them to minimise risks associated with untested Y2K solutions, officials claim.

TrueCoverage will also enable developers to quickly locate unexecuted code for further testing, and maintain the control of the changes of a code base over time.

The application is complemented by XPEDITER/Code Coverage which works in the mainframe to identify risk points in a program and to document program test execution and identify what percentage of an application has been exercised and how often.

Both tools are available now, with NuMega TrueCoverage sold as part of DevPartner Studio for $1814.


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