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Serena Extends Capabilities of Software Deployment Solution

  • 12 September, 2004 18:16

<p>New ChangeMan Mover 2 Features Reduce Costs, Errors of
Manual Asset Transfer; Boost Efficiency and Security</p>
<p>Sydney – September 13, 2004 – SERENA Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: SRNA), the largest company solely focused on managing change throughout the application lifecycle, today announced advanced new features to Serena® ChangeMan® Mover™, a release management tool that automates code transfer between development, QA and production. By slashing the costs and errors associated with the manual transfer of software assets and controlling deployment privileges, ChangeMan Mover boosts quality, productivity, accountability and security.
New features include: easy reuse of deployment setups, saving time and reducing errors; the extension of Serena® ChangeMan® Dimensions™ and Serena® ChangeMan® Version Manager release management capabilities to speed set-ups for code transfers; and greater control and traceability as a result of closing the loop between development and production.
In addition, ChangeMan Mover supports SAFE™ (Serena’s Application Framework for Enterprises), the company’s strategic vision for giving enterprises control over change from business planning to operations, by extending the ability to manage risks and support audit and regulatory requirements from development to the release and deployment process.
"We estimate that 80 percent of unplanned downtime can be mitigated by the application development and operations teams working together to improve IT processes, execute pre-deployment testing and complete operations training." according to Kris Brittain, Research Director, Gartner Inc.
“Mover’s ability to bridge the gaps between development, test and production enables organizations to more effectively manage the entire development lifecycle of legacy, custom and web applications,” said Craig Calder, senior product manager at Serena. “This release underscores our commitment to helping our customers maximize the value of their existing release management systems while aligning with their business goals.”</p>
<p>New Features in ChangeMan Mover 2
• Centralized Control: Centralizes administration or server setup, deployment mapping, asset selection, and scheduling into a single browser-based GUI. This significantly reduces manual setup costs and maintenance; eliminates need for myriad deployment scripts.
• Auditing: Log files are automatically generated, verifying deployment integrity providing complete traceability and accountability.
• Scheduling: Deployment tasks can be scheduled to start at any time; recurring tasks are completed automatically, making it easy to coordinate deployments in advance of deadlines.
• Error Handling: Robust error handling facilitates sophisticated exception handling and reporting tasks.
• Remote Set-Up: Documented command line and programming interfaces allow users to perform actions such as setting up and scheduling deployment activities from a remote machine.</p>
<p>Enhancements to ChangeMan Mover
Improved User Interface: User interface simplifications and productivity enhancements, including the addition of "cloning" features that allow users to copy existing deployment setups and repurpose them.
Improved Administration: Enhancements to both user and group administration facilitate granular control on user privileges.</p>
<p>About Serena
SERENA Software, Inc. is the world’s largest company solely focused on managing change throughout the application lifecycle. For more than two decades, Serena has enabled companies to automate change to the applications that run their businesses. Serena’s Application Framework for Enterprises (SAFE™) is the unique next-generation framework for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), providing cross-platform, cross-process and cross-organizational support across application lifecycle processes, regardless of platform. The SAFE approach helps streamline development, improve productivity and lower development costs, resulting in a highly efficient enterprise. Serena has more than 15,000 customer sites worldwide, including 49 of the Fortune 50. Serena is headquartered in San Mateo, California and has offices in more than 20 countries. For more information, please visit</p>

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