Linux goes mainstream with online store

Linux goes mainstream with online store

A Sydney-based electronic commerce specialist has set out to prove viable business models can be found for free software such as Linux.

Last week, EverythingLinux, also known as Interactive Entertainment Systems, launched the first online store that offers a whole range of Linux related products and services, including Linux-operating software and hardware, Linux merchandise and prepaid support and consulting services.

"We've had the idea for quite a while -- we've just been waiting for the time when we'd have enough critical mass to make it work," Anthony Rumble, managing director of EverythingLinux said of the endeavour.

"Customers can now come to our site knowing that anything they purchase from us runs with Linux."

Apart from pleasing Linux fans, Rumbles expects to demonstrate that the concept of free software and the idea of money making are not necessarily incompatible.

"Free software has come of age in the business world," he asserts, expressing confidence in EverythingLinux's financial viability.

"We've had a lot of good feedback already. Our online advertising is currently producing 5 per cent click-through rate, which is almost unheard of, and 5 per cent purchase rate from that, which is also quite good."

According to Rumbles, EverythingLinux developed the site internally using its extensive e-commerce development experience.

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