No decisions yet on Compaq channel rationalisation

No decisions yet on Compaq channel rationalisation

Despite much industry speculation, Compaq has not yet decided on the number of distributors or direct resellers it will settle on as it moves to rationalise its channel in the coming month.

"People are still filling out questionnaires and being interviewed. There have been no decisions on numbers made yet," said Anne Eckert, communications manager at Compaq.

John Perkins, managing director of Balanced IT Services, said there has always been a set of criteria that would define the future Compaq channel. "In October last year Compaq announced that, to work with the new Compaq, resellers will need to be financially stable, and willing to work and grow with Compaq," he declared.

According to CHA's managing director, Roger Bushell, the questionnaire received by all distributors and direct resellers has the usual questions of "profit, history, marketing strategies and all the rest of the standard stuff". He suggests that the deciding factors will be dependent on "the substantial depth that a company shows".

Compaq reseller ComputerCORP's general manager Hugh Smith is anticipating that the selection will be based on the financial merits of a company and "the skill set of people able to go into the enterprise space".

Regardless of the outcome, Eckert insists that "the bottom line is that channel partners who want to have a relationship with Compaq can. It just might not be direct."

Meanwhile, Compaq claims its supply problems are improving. "We shipped a record amount for the year and for December," Eckert said.

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