Home-grown software gets thumbs up

Home-grown software gets thumbs up

Locally developed compiler/con-verter software TAL2C has been chosen by Securities Industry Automation Corporation (SIAC) to convert millions of lines of its Tandem programs running on the New York Stock Exchange into ANSI/ISO Standard C.

"The New York Stock Exchange is probably Tandem's most visible customer and for SIAC to have chosen TAL2C to convert its applications is a tremendous endorsement of our product and our conversion technology," said Tony Bond, managing director of TAL2C's developer International Software Services (ISS).

ISS, the Sydney-based Tandem partner, claims TAL2C was selected by SIAC after 12 months of rigorous testing of available conversion tools.

The software consists of a fast 32-bit Transaction Application Language (TAL) compiler with a C/C++ code generator and, although it is not designed as a TAL syntax checker, ISS claims it is sensitive to TAL semantics.

TAL2C works by compiling a TAL program and producing the equivalent C source code, the entire process being fast and repeatable, officials claim.

With their software already in demand by banks, telecommunication companies and other Tandem users all over the world, ISS expects that leading Australian bank corporations could soon start looking into converting their proprietary TAL into open base C. "Although there is no pressing danger for TAL at the moment, companies might be missing out on something - cheaper support for the code base in longer terms," Bond said, warning that "over time TAL programmers are going to become rarer and more expensive, so TAL may become a liability at some stage".

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