channel surfing

channel surfing

Ardent Software marketing manager Gari Johnson said he has about 30 sites tagged as favourites: "A lot of competitor sites, mostly, to keep an eye on what they are up to, but most IT sites are bloody boring." He listed a few of his most frequently visited sites and one rather unusual one."I look at this site almost every day. It's a great site because it gives me the chance to look at other companies' share prices, and watch some of our competitors' go down while ours is going up as it is currently.

"The nice thing about the site is that you can record your options and watch the value of your portfolio go up.""I do actually read quite a bit, particularly when travelling. This is a US-based mail order site where you can buy books on just about any subject you can think of.

"I like to read a lot of different material, and the good thing about the site is that there is such a lot there, so you tend to look at categories you might not otherwise think about. There are thousands and thousands of titles. It's not stunningly visual, but there's a lot of information to go through.""I usually watch the Qantas site mainly for different routes and itineraries, as we travel a lot in the Asia-Pacific region. I also like to watch my frequent flyer points mount up.""I like to keep an eye on the hotels in Asia, especially the chains we use such as the Four Seasons. I look out for specials and information on what's happening. My favourite is Four Seasons in Singapore.

"There's one or two from our company there almost any day of the week.""I was on the Net looking for teletubbies sites for my children [sure Gari!] one day and I found this site.


This is a site where someone in the UK has put together some information purporting to be the REAL story about the Teletubbies . . . the fact that they are alien mutants. It goes on to explain that they are really post-apocalyptic mutants and other relevant details.

"But looking at the real Teletubbies' site with my kids one time, I see a lot of similarities to some people I know in the IT industry . . .

"The teletubbies site is almost a good management training tool."

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