If you have a cold, press one . . .

If you have a cold, press one . . .

Voice XML specialist, Syntropy, has developed an automated system to put the fear of God into any government or corporate employees wanting to take unwarranted sick leave.

Telephonic Employee Self Serve (TESS) will take note of excuses offered by workers and advise what leave they have taken so far during the year, what they have left available and whether or not they will need to produce a doctor’s note upon returning to work.

Syntropy managing director, Matthew Tutaki, said the system would target workers with ‘Mondayitis’ without affecting genuinely ill employees.

“TESS does not offer an air of sympathy to the ‘Monday morning’ call — it is methodical in its approach,” said Tutaki. “It will be a lot harder to give your excuse to TESS than to an understanding manager.”

“Those who are genuinely sick will get a doctor’s note but if someone is feigning, the chances are they will come to work.”

The system will also enable employees to check their superannuation balances, timesheet status or expenses incurred on business trips.

Tutaki said government departments would be a main focus for the system following a recent report released by the National Audit office, Absence Management in the Australian Public Sector, which estimated salary cost at $295 million.

Syntropy will deploy a team of senior executives to Canberra and other state capitals later this month in an attempt to drum up interest among federal and regional government departments. Among them will be Syntropy head of channel management, Anna Scorciapino.

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