Spike launches Pentium III, knows way to San Jose

Spike launches Pentium III, knows way to San Jose

Nobody seems to be able to spike Chris O'Hanlon's guns when it comes to leading his company to the ultimate heights of success.

Already acknowledged as one of the world's most respected Internet developers and content providers, Spike - the O'Hanlon-founded Australian multimedia prodigy - has been chosen to demonstrate "the multimedia prowess of [Intel's] latest Pentium III processor" at the February 17 Pentium III media launch in San Jose, Spike officials claim.

Project Revelation is expected to highlight new Pentium III instructions that are said to enhance several multimedia functions, such as 3D graphics, audio, video and speech recognition.

"Spike has already gained a formidable reputation in the most competitive Web-development market in the world - the US West Coast," O'Hanlon said of his company's latest success.

"Nevertheless, we are absolutely thrilled and honoured by the opportunity to demonstrate some of our capabilities at the launch of Intel's Pentium III in the heart of Silicon Valley."

The Intel project is only one in the string of big contracts Spike has won in the last 12 months, conveniently preceding Spike's forthcoming list-ing at the Australian and US stock markets.

Apart from revealing that a US fund has already agreed to support the LA-headquartered company's stock market assault, O'Hanlon - Spike's CEO and majority share- holder - was understandably secretive about the float.

"We will list first in Australia and later in the US, middle to end of the year," was all he was prepared to say, adding that an official announcement about the float will be made in three to four weeks.

O'Hanlon does not think the Intel deal will have a significant impact on the public listing of his company.

However, he admits that Spike's participation in the Pentium III launch will help raise the company's profile in the US.

"The notion that an Australian supplier has come in and built this application for the launch of the Pentium III and that we were paid to do it is fantastic.

"But we were already doing a hell of a lot - we've got some great contracts with the likes of Toyota and the California Arts Council," he says, mentioning just some of the names from Spike's impressive client list.

And with a 200 per cent growth in revenues last year and the will to become the world's lead- ing Web and content development company, no wonder O'Hanlon is looking ahead with pride and confidence.

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