The Y2K countdown / Recommended Linux sites

The Y2K countdown / Recommended Linux sites

Did you know that: lists more than 50 books on Y2K that include a handful of novels and audio tapes.

According to the BBC, the British Government will welcome the Y2K bug with its disaster unit (part of the armed forces reserved for dealing with invasion or civil unrest) on stand-by.

The American Red Cross advises citizens to prepare themselves for 01/01/2000 by stocking up on "disaster supplies to last several days to a week", filling their cars with petrol a day or so before Dec 31, 1999 and preparing to use alternative cooking devices in case of power outages.

Recommended Linux resource sites and storesIf you are about to join the growing army of Linux fans and are looking for anything from books, hardware, games and mugs to Linux software for small business and children projects, try visiting some of the following Linux-related sites and online share your knowledge of online resources with ARN and your community of developers.

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