Bruce Stewart takes over Memorex Telex

Bruce Stewart takes over Memorex Telex

The new man at the helm of Memorex Telex is hoping to move the company forward into the top tier of network integrators by expanding its focus to include a number of new initiatives. Yet he is unwilling to admit that the legacy systems that Memorex Telex relied upon are dead and is in fact hoping to instigate a revival of the data centre.

Bruce Stewart, managing director at Memorex Telex for just over three weeks now, has inherited a company that, by his own admission, was floundering in the wake of "difficult economic times" and a management team that "made decisions in isolation, that I would question the long-term wisdom of".

A supposed economic upturn is the opportunity that Stewart is grasping to transform Memorex Telex into a service and solution-based business that will expand its focus into areas such as Y2K network audits. "We want a fair market share - black on the bottom line and a return for investors and owners. That's our first priority."

Stewart has a vision to accomplish this that includes the expansion of Memorex Telex's Network Control Centre. "We already have 15 customers, some of them high-profile," Stewart asserts. Memorex Telex is also venturing into the Internet services market, and will attempt to capture its share of the thin-client server market.

Stewart will also be "revising pricing structures and streamlining maintenance services".

In addition to these transformations Stewart is hoping to maintain some stability at Memorex Telex by reinforcing the validity of its legacy systems services and attempting to prove to the rest of the industry that data centres are not obsolete. "We have very little reliance on legacy services now but I think we should move back into the legacy environment because I don't regard the data centre as dead," insists Stewart who plans to offer a service-orientated data centre.

Stewart's mantra to achieve this diversity is simply to "make our service, product and solution offerings appropriate to today and to stay in touch with the market through customers". He is determined that Memorex Telex will maintain its close relationship with Cisco, and that the entire premise of a service integrator should be to "stitch products together. We have the ability to see and address the problems a client has in a cost-effective and timely way."

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