New WinDelete 5 Uninstaller promises safety, efficiency

New WinDelete 5 Uninstaller promises safety, efficiency

IMS Australia has announced the arrival of the latest version of its WinDelete family - WinDelete 5 Uninstaller. IMS is the subsidiary of the US-based business productivity applications developer International Microcomputer Software.

WinDelete 5 is designed to improve hard-drive efficiency by ridding it of duplicated and dead applications and cleaning out orphaned files and Internet debris, IMS claims.

Hailed as the "next-generation uninstaller", the software is a revamp of IMSI's previous WinDelete 97 and WinDelete Deluxe that, according to IMS officials, caters for the needs of novice and advanced users.

"A survey of our customers told us that safety, ease of use, and speed are the most important features of an outstanding uninstaller program," said Michael Grazer, general manager for IMSI Australia.

To prevent accidental uninstalling of critical operating system files, officials claim WinDelete 5 renders them invisible to the user, at the same time marking other sensitive files with coloured icons.

Traffic lights

"It's very much like traffic lights; you get red for 'danger', yellow for 'caution', and green for 'it's safe to go'," explained Mike Biboudis, IMSI Australia's technical support manager.

Reinforcing the safety, each deleted file has its back-up, so it can be easily restored, IMS officials say. Users can also define and protect specific personal files.

"I am still quite amazed how end-user oriented this utility is," Biboudis said, marvelling at version 5's easy-to-use features, including customisable CleanUp Wizard, a step-by-step assistant for manual in-depth cleaning, Online Internet Help, and one-button predefined-task auto-clean.

WinDelete 5 requires at least a 486 system, CD-ROM drive and 15MB of hard-disk space, as well as 16MB RAM for Windows 95 and 98, or 32MB RAM for Windows NT 4.0.

The package is currently available from retail stores at an RRP of $74 and upgrades can be downloaded from the Web.

IMSI Australia

Tel (02) 9319 7533

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