IDT gives extension to socket 7 architecture

IDT gives extension to socket 7 architecture

While Intel has dismissed suggestions that assemblers are crying out for socket 7 compatible processors, chip maker IDT this week entered the market with a product it claims will fill the gap. IDT revealed its plans for the Australian roll-out of its WinChip 2 range of processors for the value desktop and notebook market.

Ben Lim, Asia-Pacific manager of IDT, said: "This marks a milestone in our strategy to use core IDT WinChip technology as a foundation for a family of processor products designed specifically to meet the quality, compatibility and price/performance requirements of the value PC segment."

Lim claimed the simplicity of its architecture and core infrastructure enables IDT to introduce features such as 3D enhancements, 100MHz bus support and superscalar execution units.

Socket 7 compatibility and support for both current as well as older motherboards makes the IDT WinChip 2 family of processors an option for users looking to upgrade existing PCs.

According to Alex Dzunko, CPU product manager for IDT's exclusive Australian distributor, Legend Technology, WinChip 2 3D will be available for Australian assemblers "by mid to late September".

Meanwhile, Intel's national sales manager, Archie Wilson, said the current shortage of Pentium MMX processors has been the result of a packaging problem, and supply is expected to be restored also by the end of September. He strongly denied there had been a resistance by assemblers to transition to Pentium II and Celeron, claiming that demand for the socket 7 Pentium MMX processors has dropped away.

It would appear that IDT and Legend believe differently.

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