Compaq not an Indian giver

Compaq not an Indian giver

Ten Compaq resellers have just returned from a pilgrimage to India, not to uncover some amazing new technology but to admire the Taj Mahal in luxury as Compaq's top 10 salesmen of 1998.

As winners of the annual sales incentive program, the 10 channel sales representatives were judged on a point system similar to frequent flyer points, according to Wilma Walsh, Compaq's education marketing manager. "The incentive scheme gives points for every sale made. Different products have a different value. For example, a server will be worth 13,000 points whilst a PC might be worth 1200."

Open to Compaq direct resellers, Walsh estimates that there were approximately 300 entrants. "It is always very competitive at this level," explains Walsh.

Also living it up at the moment is Peter Campbell of CICtechnology, who won the Compaq sweepstakes and drove away in a Honda CRV. "The sweepstakes was a raffle that Compaq sales representatives entered if they had accumulated enough points. There were 140 entrants and Peter just happened to be drawn out of the hat," says Walsh.

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