CD-ROM drives get even quicker

CD-ROM drives get even quicker


Compaq last week said that its Deskpro, Prosignia and Presario PCs will shortly boast the fastest CD-ROM drive currently available.

Made by Kenwood Technologies and based on Zen Research's TrueX software, the 52X TrueX CD-ROM drive transfers data from 6.75 to 7.8MBps across the entire disk, according to Bob Selzler, vice president of marketing at Kenwood. In comparison, a 40x max drive transfers data at rates of 2.5 to 6MB, he said.

The 52X TrueX CD-ROM is designed to read multiple tracks of data simultaneously, which significantly boosts its speed, Selzler said. Previously, speed boosts were achieved by faster rotation of the disk, but that was accompanied by noise and wobble, both of which reduced the speed gains, he said. The 52X TrueX CD-ROM, in contrast, reads data faster without compromised results, he said.

"This is really revolutionary technology," Selzler said. "We believe that this is the technology that can improve performance not only for CD-ROM but for DVD for the future."

The drive is available now for Compaq's Deskpros and Prosignias models, and will be available next week for Presarios, according to Jim Cortese, a spokesman for Compaq.

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