Compuware speeds software development with new tools

Compuware speeds software development with new tools

For software developers, especially third-party organisations, the ever growing pressure to get their applications to market faster means there is an ongoing need for tools aiding their development and deployment.

According to Compuware north-ern region sales manager, John Yarrington, this demand is particularly strong in the Windows-based environments where application reliability is a key concern.

Increased productivity

Yarrington is responsible for Compuware's Numega distribution arrangement and claims its suite of tools can increase the productivity of a Windows developer by up to 50 per cent.

Following Compuware's acquisition of NuMega last year, the NuMega suite of tools for developers in Java, Visual C++ and Visual basic is now being distributed directly in Australia by Compuware Asia Pacific.

Compuware's plan is to get the tools onto the desktops of around 22,000 Windows-based developers. Yarrington told ARN that, until recently, the tools had mostly been marketed via the Internet with little local support, but that the company was now committed to building a distribution channel and supporting those developers and resellers who want to use or market them.

"We have been responsible for many years for the marketing of a mainframe de-bugging tool called Expediter. The NuMega product range is similar in nature to this."

NuMega modules include Bounds Checker, TrueTime and SoftICE. BoundsChecker provides advanced error detection - pre-execution check of code. TrueTime locates performance bottlenecks in components written in Java, Visual C++ and Visual Basic. SoftICE is for system-wide debugging.

According to Yarrington, Compu-ware has come from a mainframe background where there has been an evolution in development techniques and strategies and the same cycle is occurring again for the desktop.

"Compuware is committed to providing a similar range of tools for the desktop that we currently provide for programmers on the mainframe," he added.

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