Stopping stock shrinkage

Stopping stock shrinkage

In tough times, the last thing that any retailer can afford is lost stock to theft, misplacement, or whatever, even though most would write some sort of "shrinkage" into their profit and loss budgets.

New from distributor Manaccom is the Toolkit for Loss Prevention which is a program written by developer Qudos and designed to alleviate this situation.

It aims to locate potential problems and offer solutions about stemming the flow of lost stock.

Any attempts to reduce the percentage of shrinkage represents a signifi- cantly better option than simply incorporating such losses into pricing which of course is such a critical factor in the maintenance of competitiveness.

The whole idea is to stop the shrinkage problem before it occurs rather than just conceding its occurrence as being inevitable.

The product sells at retail for $199.95 and runs on Windows 95/98.


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