Microsoft pulls ahead of Netscape in browsers and unveils IE5

Microsoft pulls ahead of Netscape in browsers and unveils IE5

Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) has pulled ahead in the Web browser race both in end users' and developers' books.

According to WebSideStory, a US Internet traffic analyst company, Explorer currently accounts for nearly 67 per cent of browsers in use, compared with just over 31 per cent of Netscape Navigator browsers in use.

And these percentages are poised to become even more favourable for Microsoft following last week's official release of Internet Explorer 5.

Described as a "powerful development platform for building Web-based applications, IE5 supports the latest Web-technologies such as HTML 4.0, the Document Object Model (DOM), Cascading Style Sheets and Extensible Markup Language (XML)".

Apart from simplifying common tasks such as searching and navigation, IE5 also features a new Radio Toolbar that will allow users to "tune into their favourite radio station from anywhere in the world allowing integrated access to streaming radio content", Microsoft officials claim.

The latest IE release will be available on Windows, Sun Solaris and

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