Notes from the field: Rose is fuming about Bobby's accusations

Notes from the field: Rose is fuming about Bobby's accusations

Notes from the field

Rose is fuming about Bobby's accusationsRose was furious with me for last week's column, which hinted that she's turning elsewhere for affection. She was so angry that she almost uninvited me to her Easter Sunday dinner party.

Elsewhere, however, arguments are being settled - albeit with bizarre results. Take the long-standing feud between Platinum Technology and Platinum Software, which have been fighting over the rights to use the Platinum name for years.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Platinum Technology agreed to pay what was described to me as a "huge" amount of money to Platinum Software for the rights to the name. Platinum Technology also agreed to help its former moniker rival launch a branding campaign to rename the company Epicore.

But as anyone who's been following the news knows, along came the announcement last week that Platinum Technology is being bought by Computer Associates - so now we're going from two Platinums to none, leaving Platinum Technology (or rather CA) very out of pocket in the process.

Speaking of acquisitions, Microsoft is looking to buy California-based PowerBasic for its technology, but will keep none of its employees, according to a reader familiar with the company. PowerBasic wouldn't comment on the charge.

As you'd expect, PowerBasic employees are supposedly very unhappy about this situation - but when did Microsoft ever care about making people unhappy? For example, I was told this week that the company has removed Hotfixes from its Web site, and users now have to call support to get these program patches. One SQL Server 7.0 user - who had prepaid for support - was told by a Microsoft engineer that supervisor approval was needed to send him the fix. Even after he was given the URL for the files, the user found they were encrypted and he then had to call back to get the passwords.

I wasn't so happy at the dinner party, either. Rose served Easter bunny pot pie to 12 unsuspecting guests.

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