POS package that doesn't break the bank

POS package that doesn't break the bank

With the twin problems of pending Y2K issues and the GST set to consign most DOS-based point-of-sale (POS) packages to the scrapheap, independent retailers are being urged to have another look at their cash and stock control systems.

Brisbane-based software publisher and distributor Manaccom has just introduced Instant POS, the latest in the "Instant" family of accounting packages from developer Soft IT. With an RRP of $495, Ian Mackay, Manaccom's managing director, said Instant Point of Sale would be ideal for any retailer thinking about abandoning their DOS-based system before the year 2000 Armageddon.

The product runs on, and is compatible with, fairly basic hardware which is available as an option. Meanwhile, as an added incentive to computer retailers, Manaccom has an introductory offer that allows independents to buy a copy for themselves at just $50 (not for resale), if they put one copy into stock.

Handles everything

More than just a POS system, Mackay said the package handles everything from the till to stock returns, lay-by, importing third-party data, stock control and is suitable to multiple registers. He said it is suited to any business that has grown its operations beyond the point where transactions can be stored in "one person's biological RAM".

"Then it starts to get hard and you have to have some sort of formal system to keep track of stock and so on," Mackay said. "Plus you have to remember that in the computer industry, you are often dealing with big ticket items. You only have to lose one piece of hardware or software and it could make a dent on the bottom line."

Instant POS is fully compatible with most legacy DOS-based systems which should preclude retailers from having to retype reams of data. It has been designed for rapid transfer to a GST tax system when required.

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