Socket 7 alive and well . . . and here comes Super7

Socket 7 alive and well . . . and here comes Super7

Just when Intel devotee PC assemblers thought it was safe to go back into the water, and chart a course for a purely Slot 1 desktop future, CPU manufacturers AMD and relatively new chum IDT have announced products and roadmaps that will stick in the chipmaking giant's claw.

IDT conducted a roadshow through the major Australian centres recently, to unveil its latest WinChip and WinChip 2 3D incorporating AMD's 3DNow! technology. IDT claims to be stocked up with WinChip for anyone with the need for processors compatible with Intel's MMX 200 and 233MHz offerings. Its WinChip 200, 225 and 240 MXs are designed to soak up the unsatisfied demand for Intel MMX CPUs.

Australian IT component manufacturer and distributor Legend Performance Technology is distributing the IDT range, and, according to product manager Alex Dzunko, is expecting to snare between five and 10 per cent of the local PC assembly market. "On top of this," said Dzunko, "is the growing and substantial upgrade market." Legend recently announced promotional wholesale pricing for the WinChips starting at $74 ex tax. This is squarely aimed at that invisible market for MMX compatible processors that has been left behind in the rush. He added that supplies of WinChip 2 3D at speeds of 225, 250 and 266MHz will be available by next month, but declined to reveal pricing.

AMD last week took its own K6-2 3DNow! show on the road, announcing "volume shipments of 350MHz processors had begun for authorised resellers". With claims of greater performance at a lower cost than the comparable Pentium II, according to AMD, many PC vendors including Acer, Compaq, CTX and Fujitsu will introduce systems based on its 350MHz model and Super7 platform with 100MHz bus.

Michael Steele, product marketing manager, said the new products simply provide Australian assemblers and resellers with a competitive value proposition. "This allows them to produce lower cost per- sonal computers or include higher specifications such as superior graphics controllers and extra memory," he said.

Business development manager for AMD Australia Steven Frazer said there were minimal stocks of K6 in Australia of any speed, and is unlikely to change - supplies of the 350MHz K6-2 processor are expected in mid-October. Not content to just match it with Intel, AMD is claiming the K6-2/350 has a performance advantage over the Pentium II 350 in the performance desktop market - beating Pentium II on Quake II.

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