Lotus Development plugged a memory leak in Domino Server 4.6.2 that was in earlier versions of 4.6.x. If you sent an outbound message through the SMTP message transfer agent, and it had blind carbon copies, or bcc, you lost 2KB of memory.


Novell has released Support Pack 1 for NetWare 5. In addition to some new features, Novell has added some split-horizon fixes in SCMD, and improved many services. The complete list of file updates can be found at tidfinder.cgi?2945884.


If you use Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server and you want to install Internet Explorer 5.0, make sure you have upgraded to Small Business Server (SBS) 4.5 or later first. If you don't, the SBS management console will flicker each time there is a screen transition. As a temporary work-around, Microsoft says you can increase the number of colours used - this will reduce, but not eliminate, the problem.

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