Palm Computing lays out plan

Palm Computing lays out plan

Palm Computing, a division of 3Com, announced that it will launch a broad, aggressive licensing strategy that could result in clone products on the market within six to nine months. Palm made the announcement during a presentation at Demo Mobile '99 recently in San Diego.

In addition, the company has separated the hardware and OS groups for the Palm platform, going so far as to put the groups in different buildings, to better support the company's OS licensees.

The platform architecture group at Palm is working on the product's development tools, administration tools, server synchronisation, security, and wireless implementations.

Separately at the Demo Mobile show, Microsoft said it plans to build a services layer around its product families, including Windows CE, its rival to the Palm. The appliance opportunity began with personal information managers (PIMs) but will expand next to e-mail.

"We do see the opportunity for a pervasive wireless connection to the Microsoft Exchange platform," said Roger Gulrajani, group product manager for WinCE.

Several vendors also demonstrated products for the Palm platform, WinCE, and other platforms.

Share calendars

PlusFactor Software introduced its WeSync software, a calendar- and contact-sharing application for the Palm platform.

The software allows Palm users to share calendars and contacts with each other and also allows them to download public schedules. WeSync users can store as many as eight calendars and create workgroup communities to share calendars with others, such as a boss, spouse, or co-worker. In addition, WeSync offers standard calendaring capabilities such as finding the shared free time of group members in order to schedule meetings.

Paragon Software announced an update to its FoneSync application that lets users synchronise contact information from their PIMs with their cellular telephones.

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