Interim collects Australian IT training talent

Interim collects Australian IT training talent

Eight Australian companies, including IT education and training provider Computer Power Group (CPG), have been acquired by international training group Interim, and are now known collectively in the Asia-Pacific region as Interim Technology.

Persevering through buyout talks with several interested companies, Peter James, ex-CPG director and now president and CEO of Interim Technology, described the final merger as one of mutual benefit. "The Interim Group now has a footprint in this region and we can now boast to be the largest private IT trainer in the Asia-Pacific region, already having 50,000 students pass through our doors," he claimed.

James agreed with Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA)'s report that Australia is facing a shortage of 30,000 skilled people. "So we are putting our money where our mouth is," he asserted, "by offering 12 scholarships valued at $AU120,000 to anyone who has the aptitude for IT but may not have the money." The winners will be selected by State Government and AIIA officials and will able to participate in Interim Technology courses. "Universities and TAFEs are doing all they can but demand is so great we need to get people in from other industries and re-skill the existing workforce."

And Interim Technology hopes to further participate in this process with the establishment of five operational divisions comprised of previously disparate companies. The training arms of the business include Interim Technology Training Institute, previously CPG; Corporate Education, a combination of Management Technical Education and Advanced Systems; and Learning Media, the publishing side of the business from Blue Pond.

The two service divisions of the company will be known as Interim Technology Associates and Interim Technology Solutions, the former made up of Equus, Computer People and Parity People, all IT recruitment firms, and the latter derived from CPG.

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