Web developers called to clean up act

Web developers called to clean up act

Web developer Spike last week announced seven Australian staff were to be made redundant in an attempt to shift its multimedia energies to the US.

Chris O'Hanlon, Spike's CEO explained that "we will be moving a lot of our multimedia development to the States because as we become more content driven we have to raise our skill levels.

"The seven employees simply didn't have the skill set necessary to carry them in the new direction. Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world so there are a lot of high level animators there and basically it's just a bigger business environment."

However, John O'Meara, managing director of facilitator, IT Online Shopping, is sceptical of the expansion intentions of many local Web developers before they address the problems inherent in the basic development and design element of their businesses.

"Eight out of ten Australian Web developers are bad," O'Meara claimed with some authority, after recently taking the development of his organisation's Web site in-house because of a disastrous experience.

"Web developers need to understand that the average reseller doesn't want anything more than a flat page. They definitely don't want television type screens and animated logos that cost a fortune," he added.

"Already you are looking at about $100,000 dollars to design a site that allows you to do the things the average reseller already does every week including inventory, delivery and troubleshooting."

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