Spike gutted by staff exodus

Spike gutted by staff exodus

Former Spike employees have vehemently denied recent claims by a Spike executive that seven staff were made redundant for skill-based reasons.

A number of former employees told ARN the mass exodus of Spike's core team of web developers, business managers and technical experts was taken voluntarily to rival start up Oven Digital.

Former Spike production manager and multi media officer, David Dwyer, left Spike two weeks ago with six other employees to join the Oven team.

Dwyer, who is now the production editor at Oven, claims that within the past year 12 people have willingly left Spike, the majority of them for Oven, because "they were unhappy with Spike management."

Ben White, now senior producer of APL Digital and an ex Spike employee, resigned from the Web developer just over two weeks ago because of an acute dislike of the work environment at Spike. "We were worked like dogs just to be abused," claims White. "I was offered more responsibility and a better package but I didn't want to stay there. It was a very stressful environment."

Apparently the stress is to continue with White claiming that Spike is attempting to sue Oven for "poaching" its talent.

Dwyer thinks the whole situation is ludicrous. "There is nothing that legally stops us from going to another company, it wasn't written in to any of our contracts, I didn't even sign a contract," asserts Dwyer.

Both Dwyer and White can only explain the actions of Chris O'Hanlon, chief executive officer of Spike, as a man desperate to protect his company in the build up to its going public.

"Going public means there is a lot of change going on and seeing as all the people who left Spike were the core of the company this is the only defence he [O'Hanlon] has got," claims White

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