When running the Microsoft Windows Connection Manager 1.2 on a Windows NT 4.0 computer, you should have at least Service Pack 3 installed. If you have trouble connecting with the Connection Manager, and the troubleshooting help file doesn't help you, Microsoft says you should uninstall Remote Access Services (RAS), reinstall it, and then reinstall the NT Service Pack. Also, you should double-check in RAS that your virtual private network, or VPN, is configured for "Dial-Out Only".


If your Novell NetWare 5 network server uses an Intel EtherExpress Pro 100 Intelligent Server Network Interface Card, users may not be able to connect to your network if NetWare 5 Support Pack 1 is installed. According to Intel, both Support Pack 1 and 1a have Polling set as their default mode, and the driver, 100SNW.LAN 1.04, does not support polling. As a fix, download 100VDISK.EXE 3.0 from Intel at

Lotus Development

Upgrading to Lotus Notes 5 requires the installation of the R4.6.3b Quarterly Maintenance Update. Lotus said it is the required minimum for cluster replication with R5 Domino servers. For upward compatibility to Release 5 of Notes and Domino, you need the Template and Mail File fixes in the update.

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